Chronic Pain, can you overcome it?

Being diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder is not a joke and can be debilitating and very distressing.  You feel completely alone, with no hope, wishing your life could be different, imagining how things would be if you didn’t have this and let’s not forget, the endless searches on the internet on what remedies, exercisesContinue reading “Chronic Pain, can you overcome it?”

Understanding oxidative stress and the effects it has on the body

In a nutshell, Oxidative Stress is the production of free radicals and the body’s inability to neutralise these with sufficient antioxidants, which causes ageing, among other issues.  It is a process that occurs naturally in the body, whereby cells produce free radicals during the metabolic process and the cells also produce antioxidants which balance outContinue reading “Understanding oxidative stress and the effects it has on the body”